Athletic Clubs

Danceline/Drill Team

Moderator: Mrs. Pamela Armbruster

The Trinity Trojans Drill Team helps promote school spirit and contributes to half-time entertainment, with the Trojans Marching Band, during the football season. The Drill Team combines field marching, flag techniques, various props, pom-poms, and dance to accompany the Band in a full movement musical medley.

Indoor Track

The indoor program is designed to prepare the athletes to have a strong foundation for spring track. The program allows the coaches to develop a training regimen so the athlete can excel during oupoor track. Conditioning, base work, strength, event technique, and speed work is emphasized. Different techniques and philosophies are applied to the team and individual athletes.

Wrestling Stats

The Trinity wrestling stats help and support the wrestling team. These dedicated fans spend many hours keeping statistics for all the team and individual wrestlers. The stats also encourage the team by decorating lockers, creating signs, and cheering on the wrestlers at their matches.