Become a Corporate Sponsor

As an easy-to-implement employee leasing arrangement, Trinity's Pre-Professional Internship Program provides many possible approaches, ranging from one intern one day a week, to five interns job sharing a single position five days a week. The Program extends from Labor Day through mid-June. Holiday and summer placements are also available. Transportation to and from the internship site is provided by Trinity Support Services.

  1. An initial meeting with a Trinity professional identifies a job description and provides answers to Corporate Sponsor questions.
  2. The Trinity professional staff person prepares the job description for approval. A one-year contract is signed and the Corporate Sponsor's payment schedule established.
  3. A representative from the Corporate Sponsor attends an orientation meeting in late August.
  4. Students begin the Program on the Tuesday following Labor Day.
  5. The Corporate Sponsor signs a timesheet every two weeks for each intern.
  6. The Corporate Sponsor completes a brief on-line evaluation for each intern on a quarterly basis.
  7. A Trinity professional staff person visits the site every two weeks or, more frequently, as needed.

The Mission

  • Developing Northeast Ohio's "best and brightest" as future employees and customers
  • Mentoring the next generation of workforce
  • Supporting affordable, quality Catholic education in Northeast Ohio

Our Pledge

  • Capable, enthusiastic interns trained in Microsoft Office
  • Thoroughly prepared graduates of a nine-month training program
  • Prompt support by Trinity's professional staff
  • Easy-to-implement employee leasing

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