Internships: Enriching Education

As Trinity graduates, our students are different. They can describe what it was like to scrub in on brain surgery, detail their research findings after studying the factors related to a mother choosing to breastfeed, describe the visual identity they created for a client, or what it was like to have their own book published. At Trinity, we are transforming education and the futures of young adults.

The Vision

  • Enrich a traditional college-preparatory education with an expanded network of professional learning sites
  • Experience personal collaboration with a college-trained professional
  • Refine career choices based on direct experience of workplace settings
  • Increase professional skills and knowledge of business etiquette

The Value

  • Real-world experience in a workplace setting
  • Development of professional skills
  • Cultivation of mentor relationship with top professionals
  • Satisfaction of contributing almost 30 percent of annual tuition costs