Trinity Tuition Info

Early this month, Governor Mike DeWine signed House Bill 33 into law, solidifying an extensive expansion of the Ohio Department of Education’s EdChoice Scholarship Program.

As you may know, the EdChoice Scholarship was expanded using a sliding scale based upon the national poverty level.  All Ohio school-aged children, regardless of income, are now eligible to receive a full or partial scholarship from the State of Ohio.  The overall scholarship for both EdChoice and Cleveland Scholarship was increased by $907 to $8,407 for high school aged students.

Knowing that tuition levels and financial aid arrangements are inextricably linked, the law provides nonpublic schools an additional window to revise their published tuition.  By state law, our school may adjust tuition agreements to reflect these scholarship changes.  Trinity High School will be raising all tuition levels by the increase of $907.  Rest assured, following all adjustments, your parental commitment will NOT increase any more than what you had committed to when enrolling for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.

If you’re currently receiving a State Scholarship (EdChoice, EdChoice Expansion, Jon Peterson, Autism, or Cleveland Scholarship), no new action is required.  Once again, please be fully aware the financial commitment you have already agreed to on your Trinity High School Tuition Worksheet will remain exactly the same.  YOUR TUITION OBLIGATION IS NOT CHANGING IN ANY WAY.  

Trinity High School’s cost of education is $16,076 per student, significantly higher than the tuition charged for your child.  The State of Ohio and the Diocese of Cleveland have encouraged us to invest the increased revenue in continuing to provide a quality education for your child.

Next week, you will receive a communication about completing your PowerSchool electronic Back to School forms.  A form will be included asking you to acknowledge you have read this communication by providing your electronic signature.

We continue to strive to make Trinity High School an even better, loving Christian family.  We provide an effective education for every student within a safe building and environment.  With loving adults leading, we move forward in partnership with all our families to give God glory through who we are at Trinity High School.

Peace and all good,

Mr. William J. Svoboda
[email protected]