Trinity's ministry program is without comparison the best in area Catholic schools. The foundation comes not only from the heart of the community, but from dedicated students and faculty members that help prepare retreats for our students.

All students at Trinity High School have the opportunity to attend a retreat experience each year. Retreats are designed to meet the developmental and spiritual needs of the students. You can visit our entire Retreat Calendar here.

Camp Christopher

All Trinity retreats are held at Camp Christopher. The camp is located in Bath, Ohio, about 30 minutes from Trinity. Camp Christopher is an essential part of the Trinity Community. If you ask any Trinity student about Camp Christopher, they will tell you that it is their second home. We as a Trinity community have had countless amazing experiences that would not be possible if it wasn't for Camp Christopher. Directions to Camp Christopher.

Sophomore Retreat - August

The theme "I am Yours, You are mine," urges sophomores to follow Jesus by taking the next step in their faith life, and step away from all those things that may be holding them back from a fulfilling relationship with God, their family and friends.

Walking with the Spirit - Eighth Grade Retreat - October

Introduced in 2005, the Walking with the Spirit Eighth Grade Retreat has proven itself successful in introducing teenage spirituality to eighth graders in surrounding schools.

The overnight retreat was created by the younger members of Trinity's student body with one purpose in mind-to bring the love of God to young people. The retreat also shows eighth graders that at Trinity, expressing their faith is not only encouraged, but widely accepted. Eighth graders leave the retreat feeling refreshed, energized and excited about their faith.

Junior Retreat - November

Junior retreat continues to be a defining moment in the spiritual life of a Trinity student. The spiritual connectivity between the juniors, senior team and faculty is inspiring. Together, everyone grows in their spirituality through prayer, witnessing, bible study and praising God through music. Each student is challenged to accept their faith and go out and Pass it On to others.

CHRISTmas Retreat - December

This retreat, created by Trinity students, is held each year during the first week of Christmas vacation. It is meant to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas: Jesus. Students participate voluntarily, and we welcome the greater Trinity community, including parents, friends, alumni and prospective students.

Freshman Retreat - March

The theme "Burst Out and Plant Your Way" refers to a young person's journey as they burst out of childhood and plant their way into the future. Students are immersed in faith and reflection, culminating in the powerful Living Stations of the Cross. Trinity's Living Stations have touched the lives of both the seniors involved, and the students who witnessed this amazing prayer. Through their first Trinity retreat, the freshmen will burst out and plant their way to a new beginning of spiritual growth.

Senior Retreat - April

Senior retreat offers students the time for personal introspection, as well as a choice of several different spiritual themes with which to reflect upon. Students also experience powerful witnesses regarding adult spirituality and everyone's own personal faith journey. These experiences are possible through the dedication of Trinity faculty and staff members.