Jillian Kalic, Marymount Hospital “Jillian was an asset to have. She was kind, caring, proactive, and fit right in. We are looking forward to having her on our team this summer!”

Hannah Thornton, Goldfish Swim Academy “Hannah is wonderful! She interned with us previous and her
growth since she started here has been so impressive. She takes on a leadership role and works great in a team environment.”

Damien Suber, St. Rita School “Damien is a hard worker and always completes his tasks with a smile on his face. He takes directions well, seeks out help when needed, and always does a great job!”

Athena Ivezzy, Golubski Deliberato Funeral Home “Athena’s strengths are her compassion towards others and her eagerness to learn.”

Madison Messer, Garfield Heights Municipal Court “Madison gives us consistently accurate work. She learns new tasks and concepts with ease.”

Amie McCarthy, Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital “Amie needs little direction. She has held patients, worked with nurses, PCNAs, and the Clinical Educator. She has been a true blessing on our division!

Damien Suber, Supervisor: Michelle Czernec, Site: St. Rita School
Damien is such a pleasure to work with. There is no job too big or too small! He does everything from prep work to working with kids one-on-one. His disposition, enthusiasm, and smile are all contagious. The students love it when he comes! Thank you for the opportunity to work with such a fine, young man!”

"I work with pre-school children at Galvin who all have different stages of autism. I love the kids, they're all so different and it amazes me. Seeing their achievements, like a little girl learning to talk, has been a very rewarding experience for me. It proves what I believe-that God works in mysterious ways and has a plan for everyone, no matter how different they are. The Internship Program and my time at Galvin have definitely helped set me up for a career in special education or physical therapy."
~Emily Krause, Class of 2012

"The Internship Program is a good idea for people who are optimistic about their future and want a professional experience. It delivers the ';full package.' I used to be afraid of the 'real world,' but the experience with GLT has made me more confident. The staff there has treated me with utmost respect and taught me so much. The actor teachers have also had a big influence on me. My favorite memory is when I participated in an improv exercise with one of the teachers. He was so happy to see how much I've grown and how seriously I take my job there. It made me feel great!"
~Dan Telford, Class of 2014

"Trinity's High School's educational mission continues to be a unique and faithful expression of the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis. In particular, the Pre-Professional Internship Program offers a 'fitting response' to the needs facing both our young people today and the larger community of NEO."~Sr. Shawn Lee: President Emeritus, Trinity High School

"The Pre-Professional Internship Program gives these young men and women a wonderful jump start on discovering their passion and career interests, while giving the region a great opportunity to retain our homegrown talent."
~Matt LoPiccolo: Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Swagelok

"The Internship Program is wonderful. It has helped me experience the challenges and rewards of a job. It gives students experiences that many other teenagers don't get to have. I learn a lot from the residents at The Village at Marymount. They tell me stories about their lives, and I give them manicures and help them with exercises, among many other things. I get to help them live a better life. If they don't have anyone else, I get to be their best friend. I look forward to Wednesdays because there is never a dull moment!" ~Jasmine Lowery, Class of 2013

"Small business serves as the backbone of many communities. This program offers growing enterprises a personally satisfying and cost-effective method for investing in tomorrow's community leaders."~Tom Rybicki: President, Rybicki and Son Funeral Homes