Faculty and Staff Directory

Mr. William SvobodaPresident/Principal
Ms. Francine WisinskiAssistant Principal
Ms. Mary SorozakAssistant Principal
Mr. Javon MillerDean of Students and Director of Student Life and Inclusion
Clay AndersonHistory
Ms. Linda BachoGuidance
Mrs. Leslie BukovskyMathematics
Ms. Katelyn CristinoGuidance
Ms. Mary Beth CondosMath
Mrs. Carmella DaviesDirector of Admissions
Ms. Lydia DeVincentGraphic Design Department Chairperson
Ms. Susan DezzuttiSocial Studies Department Chairperson
Ms. Barb DottoreDirector, Pre-Professional Internship Program
Ms. Dawn DowneyDirector of Student Information
Mr. Robert DusekTheology
Ms. Karen DusekState Scholarship
Ms. Carla FritschCurriculum and Accreditation
Mrs. Sandra FritschDirector of Office Operations
Ms. Mary Katherine GagneEnglish
Mr. Dan GiangrandeSocial Studies
Mr. Mike IrvineIT Director & Instructor
Ms. Kanette JacksonHealth Aide
Ms. Meaghan JacobsFamily and Consumer Science Department Chairperson
Ms. Nicole KasmerIntervention Specialist
Ms. Gabriella KayMath
Mr. Joseph LewandowskiDirector of Finance
Mr. Edward MarottaTrinity Support Services
Mrs. Emily MarshallMusic Teacher
Mr. Kevin MarszalScience
Ms. Jamie MartinDirector of Attendance
Mr. Jeff McSweeneyPresident's Office
Mrs. Laurie MeadowsDirector, Marketing and Communications
Ms. Jennifer NewronesTransportation Director/President's Office
Ms. Arielle NoelBusiness
Ms. Georgiana ProctorHealth/PE
Ms. Gina RamirezEnglish Department Chairperson
Ms. Courtney RibarMathematics
Mr. Anthony SanFilippoAthletic Director
Ms. Doriela SentenaSpanish
Mrs. Brittany SerranoFine Art
Mr. Jesse ShaftsPhysical Education
Ms. Jeannie SimsEnglish
Mr. Howard SpiesDirector of Food Services
Ms. Glenda ThomasSpanish