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"Trinity Solidarity Court" at Godlewski Gym Unveiled
Posted on 08/24/2020
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Trinity High School Unveils Naming of Gym Floor

Trinity Solidarity Court at Godlewski Gymnasium heightens awareness of racial and social equity

 Trinity High School, August 24, 2020 – During the first weekend of June, Trinity High School celebrated all first responders during their annual fundraiser, “Out of the Blue.” For the first time in the school’s history, the event had to take place entirely on-line, where the community could donate, purchase spirit wear and bid on unique items while enjoying videos from all walks of life celebrating our frontline heroes, students and alumni. One of the unique items up for bid was the naming of the floor of the iconic Godlewski Gymnasium. After a flurry of activity over the 3 day event, a 2002 alum, Kevin Schohl, won the bidding and the opportunity to name the floor for the next 2 years.

Rather than choosing a family or corporate name, Schohl had bigger ideas in mind. He saw what was transpiring in our country today, and saw this as an opportunity to help make a difference in our community. “I have very fond memories of Trinity, and I enjoyed building friendships with a diverse mix of classmates,” Schohl said. “Unfortunately, many people haven’t had those opportunities to broaden their worldview. I see this as a way to raise awareness of racial and social justice in a community that I think can be a shining example of young people coming together to drive change in society.”

After conversation and several design possibilities, Schohl and a committee of alumni, board members, and administration chose “Trinity Solidarity Court” to express community and togetherness and embracing it on a deeper level. Today, the new design was unveiled in a short ceremony. Remington College President Terhan Freeman, a 1996 graduate of THS and now a member of the school’s Board of Trustees, did the honors along with 3 members of the Trojans volleyball team, Maciaha Irving, Samantha Ratliff, and Jayme Zoeckler.

You can see video of the unveiling here.

“Solidarity is a very descriptive word that embodies how Trinity approaches everything that we do,” said Sister Shawn Lee, Trinity High School President. “We speak of ourselves not as an institution but as a community that works together for the common good of everyone.”

Knowing that the new name of the gym floor should not stand alone, the committee also pledged to create even more impactful initiatives in the future. The modification of the school’s mission statement, a new Diversity and Inclusion Committee, cultural diversity additions to the curriculum, and a new alumni committee will be developed in the coming months as we navigate the reopening of school during these historic times.

“Trinity is a special place where students from diverse backgrounds come together to learn, pray, and play,” said Schohl. “But simply walking the same halls and playing on the same court is not enough. I hope these new initiatives inspire people to show solidarity for each other, especially those who have been wronged in the past and who will benefit from a more level playing field in the future.”

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