From Our Turf to Yours

From Our Turf to Yours
Morel Landscaping

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When driving around Northeast Ohio you would be hard pressed not to find landscaped businesses and homes that haven’t been beautified by Morel Landscaping. A $2M company that is growing every day, built by one of Trinity’s own while he was walking our halls, Rob Morel, a 2011 graduate.


On his visit to THS, Rob found the staff and school to be very welcoming and friendly, he knew right away this is where he wanted to be over any other school. As he was preparing to enter our halls, under the mentoring and tutelage of his grandfather, they decided to buy a trailer together. Rob would store his lawn equipment in the trailer and his mom would drive him around to mow lawns to make money during that summer. He continued to do this until he was able to drive, and then he had the idea to hire a few of his Trinity friends. “We began to do more and more lawns,” he said. “We would work after school, and on weekends. We kept doing it when I started at John Carroll, and after I graduated I kept it going and it blossomed.”


Rob earned an accounting degree at JCU, but ultimately turned down job offers. “I liked to landscape but it wasn’t my passion, but when I realized I could own my business, work on the administration side of it and use my degree, that’s when it became fun and drove my passion.” He has found this is his love, but not because of the incredible success Morel Landscaping has had. “The greatest satisfaction for me is creating an environment that people can find success. We teach each employee every aspect of the business so they are well rounded and can apply skills to their personal lives too. We want an environment that is hard to replicate anywhere else.” For Rob and his team this is only the beginning, “We plan to be an $8M business in the next 8 years, have more than 50 people working for us and understand that landscaping can be a great career!”


Rob is a perfect example of what the unique Pre-Professional Internship Program is all about at Trinity; but here is the irony, he was never a part of it! He saw the program get started before leaving the halls of THS, and now wants to get involved because he sees the benefit of it. “The sooner we can get to students and let them find out their passion and where their skill set lies, the brighter we can help make their future.”


He is truly grateful for what Trinity gave to him, and gives a lot of credit for his success to the development he received here through the academics, retreat program, and athletics. Rob played in the marching band, ran cross country and track, winning the indoor state championship and played baseball for the Trojans. He has fond memories of his 4 years at THS. “I loved leading retreats at Trinity, being a part of the living stations of the cross. Building relationships that have lived on to this day. I stay in touch with my Trinity classmates more than college, and love sharing our memories.” His message is simple for current and future Trojans. “Trinity will develop all the parts of yourself if you let it. Spiritually with the retreat program and regular masses, mentally with the academics and truly outstanding teachers and the knowledge you are welcome even when you feel alone. Trinity showed me what I think is my most important skill of showing love and compassion, and how to enrich the lives of other people by caring, and being a servant leader.”