Sponsorship: The Smart Choice

Skills of Grade 11 and 12 Interns

Varies by program including CompTIA A+ PC Certification, Adobe Creative Suite, Cleveland Clinic Nursing Assistant Training, AutoCAD, Accounting, Microsoft Office, business etiquette, reception/phone skills, HIPAA and confidentiality laws, CPR/AED

The Vision

  • Developing Northeast Ohio's "best and brightest" as future employees and customers
  • Supporting affordable, quality Catholic education for talented young people
  • Showcasing professional opportunities throughout the region
  • Offering real-world experience and networking to guide future career choices

The Value

  • Easy-to-implement employee leasing (Students are employees of Trinity Support Services, Inc. that handles all FICA, FIT, Worker's Compensation, I-9, etc.)
  • Enhance the internship site with diverse talents and youthful energy
  • Experience the next generation of workforce candidates
  • All interns are trained in Microsoft Office
  • All interns have successfully completed a nine-month orientation and preparation program
  • Trinity Resource Staff ready to assist with training, orientation, evaluation, troubleshooting and other issues