Fine Arts Clubs

Art Club 

The Trinity High School Art Club enables the expression of creativity. It provides a venue for students who are interested in visual arts beyond those offered in the classroom. Students are offered the opportunity to showcase their talent throughout the community. Activities include decorating windows at Jennings Hall and assisting with the creation of the sets used in the annual School Musical.


The Instrumental Music Department's curriculum advocates a comprehensive approach to music which includes a progression and development of growth and higher-level understanding in many musical and humanistic areas. Consistent with the school and diocesan philosophy, of goals for Catholic schools, students participating in the Instrumental Music program will:

  • Develop a sensitivity and awareness of musical elements
  • Grow into a confident and competent musician
  • Develop an ability to use music as an outlet for creative personal and faith expression
  • Realize the values and importance of actively belonging to a group including, but not limited to meeting deadlines, scholastic aid, and financial rewards


Choir is designed to teach the basics of music such as notation, note values, key signatures, time signatures, musical terms, and symbols. Students also develop critical thinking skills that enable them to think musically. Fundamentals of proper vocal technique are studied and students implement listening and sight singing skills. Choir members sing a wide variety of music and participate in scheduled concerts.

Drama and Musical Club 

Trinity's Drama and Musical Club is one of the fastest growing extracurricular activities. Students involved in production are given the opportunity to work with field professionals such as professional set builders, electricians, hair and make-up artists and photographers/videographers. Over 100 students are involved in production. Drama and Musical club is the most popular and populated co-curricular activity at Trinity.

Music Ministers 

"Speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord." (Ephesians 5:19)

Music has been an integral part of prayer and worship for centuries. Trinity's Music Ministry leads the community in song for liturgies and prayer services.

THS News Crew

The THS News Crew brings the morning announcements to life for Trinity High School every morning. Students learn how to do everything from running the control room, using a teleprompter, controlling audio and video equipment, and filming a live show. Students may audition for anchor, weather, or sports reporters each spring.


The yearbook staff recreates the history of the school year with layout, copy writing, captioning, advertising, and photography to produce the school's yearbook. Students utilize desktop publishing as well as high tech graphic design programs in the production of this very important archival memory book.