Welcome from the President

It’s a warm summer day here in August of 2023 as I break from my office to walk the beautiful grounds of our beloved Trinity High School. Nostalgia begins to pour into my memory and my heart bursts with the love I have for Trinity as we enter our Golden Anniversary celebrating 50 years as a first-class co-educational Catholic high school. I have been deeply blessed to be present on campus since 1977 and have been actively involved for 46 of the 50 years here at my beloved alma mater.

Sister Catherine Britton, the founder and creator of Trinity High School, has given us a true and real living legacy of a God-centered, co-educational high school since the 1973-74 school year. Led by Sr. Catherine and later by Sister Shawn Lee, the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis have permeated the living hearts of nearly 10,000 young people that have walked these halls.

The sisters have always had a “Fitting Response” to their own mission through their more than 100 years of ministry. They have molded many people to have a “Fitting Response” to their vibrant ministry. I have been one of the blessed lay people to have received loving, intellectual, and spiritual guidance as I carry the SSJ-TOSF’s ministry into the future as President/Principal of Trinity High School.

Our “Fitting Response,” as we celebrate our Golden Anniversary, continues to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the center of all that we try to accomplish. The Ministry Program, specifically the retreat program, teaches our young people that living a life of God is what we are all called to do during our life journey.

Our well-balanced academic program and unique internship program continue to give our students an advantage as they move to post-secondary careers at all levels of college and trade schools. Each year, we are competitive with our co-curricular athletic teams and strive for continued growth in our developing performing arts department.

On behalf of those who carry on the charisma and mission of the Sister of St. Joseph Third Order of St. Francis, we invite you to celebrate our 50th Anniversary milestone throughout the 23/24 school year. An invitation is extended to all our alumni, friends and benefactors to join us in joyful thanksgiving for our beloved Trinity High School.

May God Bless each and every one of you, whose talents and contributions have built a strong foundation, allowing our school community to grow and flourish these past 50 years. We cannot celebrate Trinity and our 50th Anniversary as a co-educational Catholic school without celebrating YOU as well!

Peace and all good,

Mr. William Svoboda