Night at the Races

"We are ready to go out into the world and share our faith with others. Our time at Trinity has prepared us for our future and in that, I find peace."

Never have those sentiments been more true than the last several years at Trinity. Our graduates leave Trinity with the gift of not just outstanding academic opportunities and valuable work experience, but a true and lasting spiritual foundation.

For many, this began well before they walked through the doors of Trinity as freshmen. The Got Prayer? and Walking with the Spirit retreats that Trinity hosts at Camp Christopher have been pivotal in introducing young people to all that Trinity High School has to offer. Class retreats focus on personal and spiritual development of our students in unique and challenging ways.

Having all of our retreats at Camp Christopher is essential to fulfilling the Franciscan mission of the school. The Franciscan ideal of retreating for contemplation and spiritual growth is the basis of how all of our retreats are structured. As with most things today, the cost of maintaining our presence in such a beautiful and special place continues to increase.

Thank you to all those who participated in this year's event! Know that the money you helped raise will directly benefit our life-changing retreat program that is so important to the growth of our students. We look forward to seeing you next year!