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Graphic Design students show off capstone exhibits

Published on January 10, 2018

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Graphic Design Capstone is the final class in the Graphic Design focus of Trinity's Pre-Professional Internship Program. Seniors in the class create their own company, business or event, and create a brand and campaign throughout the course of the term. Students are free to create anything for their campaigns, from printed publications, to promotional videos and websites. This semester, eight seniors completed the capstone course.

The class is based on a studio model in which students get to feel what it's like to come to work in a graphic design studio each day. The class is independent and students follow a production schedule to complete materials for their campaigns. As the seniors complete their campaigns, they put them on display in Gallery G1 in a professional exhibition for the entire school to see. The seniors also work together to promote the exhibition with promotional materials, such as posters and web ads.

Graphic Design Capstone is unique and important to Trinity's Graphic Design curriculum because it gives the students creative freedom to create campaigns based on something they are passionate about. It also challenges them to think and work independently as graphic designers, which is a vital skill in the professional world. In addition, it is a culmination and celebration of everything the seniors in the Graphic Design program have learned. Below are brief reflections from each of the students in the class.

"You can use the skills and tools you have learned in the previous 2 design classes to create whatever you want." Robert Brogdon, Custom Kicks

"What is nice about Graphic Design Capstone is you have the entire term to let your ideas develop more to get the best results." Eric Filakosky, BWI Wrestling

"You get to pick something you are passionate about and make that the focal point of the whole term." Halle Frimel, Urban Espresso

"Graphic Design Capstone is honestly the best way to end your graphic design journey at Trinity. You learn how to bring your vision to life." Anthony Fryer, S.M.I.L.E. Stand Up Comedy Tour

"I like the Capstone class because it gave us the opportunity to go off our own imagination, and see what it is like to work in our own graphic design studio." Julianna Garganta, American Baseball Organization

"For my Capstone project, I was able to focus on what I was passionate about, which was my love of horror movies and the Goosebumps book series." Kenron Morgan, Haunted Hill Drive-In

"You can take everything you are good at, all of your skills, all of your strengths, and really take your project to the next level." Erica Talion, Wack Wraps

"The Graphic Design Capstone class has been a lot of fun, and I have enjoyed the whole process of it." Jake Thomason, RevAir

» Click here to read each student's artist statement.