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Service Opportunities
All Trinity students are required to earn 80 hours of service in order to graduate. Here is a sampling of some activities that typically happen each year at Trinity in which students can be involved:
  • Ambassador Club (see Ms. Kurtz)
  • Hunger Center
  • Environmental Club (see Ms. Dimonski)
  • Drama Sound/Stage Crew (see Ms. Gagne)
  • Concession Stands
  • Jennings Hall - Christmas Decorating
  • Out of the Blue Benefit (see Mrs. Dottore)
  • Tutoring
  • Retreats

Many other service opportunities are available through Trinity or your own community/church. See Mr. Calton with specific questions or requests.

Eucharistic Ministry
Eucharistic Ministers at Trinity are a select group of seniors who have felt the call to take part in the most reverent of all worship ministries. Although being a Eucharistic minister may not be for everyone, all seniors are given the opportunity to apply and write an essay on why they would like to become a Eucharistic Minister.

Along with training comes a powerful opportunity for prayer and. Through this retreat, the seniors come to see the importance of the Eucharist within the lives of Catholics as well as their own lives. Throughout the retreat, these seniors have an opportunity to really bond with each other because of the small number of people who attend.

Freshman Induction
Freshman Induction is a special ceremony that welcomes and embraces the new freshmen as they begin their high school journey. The freshmen pray, sing and listen to the Word of God proclaimed by several upperclassmen. Dressed in the formal Trinity uniform, the students gather to participate in a ceremony based on the foundation of Trinity—prayer and worship.

Each student then comes forward on the stage and receives a candle as his or her name is called. The announcing of the names is symbolic of the students answering the call to follow the Lord and attend Trinity. When they accept the candle, they are accepting the role of Jesus in their lives. This memorable and spiritual ceremony is a joyful and faith-filled experience that all Trinity students treasure throughout their four years. Freshman Induction is the beginning of the academic and spiritual journey that helps Trinity students grow and mature in all aspects of life.

Ministry Leaders
Through the guidance of Mr. Bill Svoboda, several seniors volunteer as Ministry Leaders to help lead and guide the Trinity community. Ministry Leaders help plan and lead our school masses, prayer services and retreats. They also lead everyday prayer that takes place in the morning and during the lunch blocks.

Ministry Leaders are a great asset to the ministry program because it gives other students peer role models. The Leaders have major roles in strengthening the Trinity community inside and out. Trinity's ministry program would not be as strong without these wonderful young people who lead, strengthen and guide the Trinity community to the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Music Ministers
"Speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord." (Ephesians 5:19)

Music has been an integral part of prayer and worship for centuries. Trinity's Music Ministry leads the community in song for liturgies and prayer services.

Service Projects
In our Trinity family, we know that Jesus Christ is the center of who we are. Our family is deeply rooted in the Franciscan tradition of service to others. Our ministry program reflects our Franciscan tradition through service to each other, as well as to the greater community in which we serve.

Service Projects are not only a way to help others and give to those in need; they can be fun for those who take part in them. Past service projects include Heifer International, Dollars for Darfur, Nothing but Nets, Pro-Life activities, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Holy Spirit Hunger Center, Advent service projects and more.