Kurtz Foundation Tuition Raffle for 2023-24 School Year


Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Kurtz Bros. and the Kurtz Family, one Trinity student will not have to worry about tuition for the upcoming 2023-24 school year!

Through the Kurtz' wonderful support, they will cover the remaining cost of one year of tuition after financial aid for one lucky Trojan. We will announce the raffle winner during the Out of the Blue Event in May.

Anyone can purchase tickets easily for their student, or even sponsor a student just by visiting hereor contact Laurie Meadows at [email protected] or 216-581-5757. Just fill out the short form below with payment information (including a new Venmo option) and the name of the student. You can purchase as many tickets as you like, and the prices are as follows:

1 chance = $10
3 chances = $25
8 chances = $50
20 chances = $100
75 chances = $200

Good Luck on this amazing opportunity!