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Thank You for Your Gift!
We are grateful to everyone who has given to the Sr. Mary Illuminata Godlewski Scholarship Fund!

View the list of donors who have given this year to Trinity's Annual Appeal.

Gifts of $5,000 or more

Mr. and Mrs. Al and Toni Newyear

Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999

Sr. Catherine Britton
Mrs. Patricia Pozderac Dunlea, Class of 1974
Ms. Charleen Godleski
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Mary Ann Kuilder
Sr. Shawn Lee, Class of 1962
Mr. Joseph Lewandowski, Class of 1994
Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Denise Rose
Mrs. Denise Brodzinski Rybicki, Class of 1973
Mr. and Mrs. Chet and Terese Seroka
Mr. Don Smith
The Sutula Family

Gifts of $500 to $999

Dr. Andrea DeLaat Deis, Class of 1983
Ms. Barbara Duganier, Class of 1975
Dr. Emily Godlewski
Mr. Nick Gravino, DDS, Class of 1980
Mr. Jeff Haire, Class of 1980
Mrs. Susan Kilroy
Sr. Jeanne Noel Novak
Mrs. Robin Robbins Reynolds, Class of 1991, in honor of Loretta Olshefski
Ms. Claudia Rothstein and Family

Gifts of $250 to $499

Mr. and Mrs. William Britton
Mrs. Susan Nowak Dudek, Class of 1972
Mrs. Margaret Mullen Jacobs, Class of 1981
Ms. Irene Swiatkowski Linhardt, Class of 1970
Ms. Mary Hartman Shull, Class of 1970
Mr. Dan Thomeier

Gifts of $100 to $249

Mrs. Carol Jarosz Bartos, Class of 1970
Theresa Bindokas
Mrs Joan Buyansky Butler, Class of 1967
Mrs. Beverly Polaczynski Consilvio, Class of 1961
Sr. Kathleen Deja
Mr. Paul DePompei, Class of 1981
Mrs. Patricia Sabo DePompei, Class of 1981
Mrs. Deborah Kazimour Fantauzzo, Class of 1985
Mrs. Bernadette Bryll Fazio, Class of 1965
Mrs. Karen Filakoski
Mrs. Jacqueline Gilmour Finn, Class of 1967, in memory of your brother.
Mr. Thomas Giulivo
Mr. and Mrs. Leo and Jenna Godlewski
Mr. and Mrs. Stan and Claudia Godlewski
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Janelle Godlewski and Family
Mrs. Pamela Pozderac Hager, Class of 1976
Mrs. Kathleen Wiegand Jarzab, Class of 1978
Ms. Linda Simko Kwarciany, Class of 1970
Ms. Dorothy Lettus, Class of 1972
Mr. Robert Lucarelli, Class of 1978
Mr. Dan Luciano
Mrs. Charmaine Toth Mandula, Class of 1953
Sr. Anne Maslanka
Mrs. Karen Karban McCarthy, Class of 1975
Ms. Maxine Milosovich, Class of 1967
Mrs. Mary Ann Vargo Morscher, Class of 1958
Ms. Amy Milan Nelson, Class of 1967
Sr. Mary Laura Nowakowski
Mrs. Deborah Bremenour Perciak, Class of 1969
Ms. Karen Piana
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pirrone
Mr. Philip Rath, Class of 1985
Ms. Nancy Recko, Class of 1971
Mrs. Laura Smith Redmond, Class of 1991
Ms. Joanne Repasi, Class of 1972
Dr. Patrick J. Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Karen Rowley
Mrs. Yvonne Barberic Schmitt, Class of 1955
Dr. Ron Schumacher, Class of 1982
Mr. Jerry Schuplinski, Jr., Class of 1995
Ms. Mary Hartman Shull, Class of 1970
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slanina
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slanina
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smetana
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smetana
Mrs. Clare Ruzicka Spittler, Class of 1953
Mr. and Mrs. David Stronsky
Mr. William Svoboda, Class of 1981
Mrs. Susan Bednarski Vanatta, Class of 1968
Mrs. Lucille Zlotek Walker, Class of 1953
Mr. John Wiegand, Class of 1977
Sr. MaryLou Wojtusik, Class of 1954
Sr. Francis Therese Woznicki, Class of 1949

Gifts of $1 to $99

Mrs. Jeannine Stager Abele, Class of 1980
Mrs. Patricia Turoczy Arko, Class of 1972
Mrs. Christina Kwiecien Atzberger, Class of 1965
Mrs. Lenore Chegin Ball, Class of 1967
Ms. Nancy Barile
Sister Eunice (Ludvina) Beaudin, Class of 1949
Ms. Beth Bednarchik, Class of 1982
Sr. Jane Blabolil
Mrs. Carolyn Pekarek Blum, Class of 1959
Ms. Virginia Bossu, Class of 1969
Sr. Lucia Bucholtz, Class of 1954
Sr. Joan Butkiewicz, Class of 1951
Mrs. Christine Winckowski Campbell, Class of 1965
Mrs. Ann Zamaria Carbone, Class of 1967
Mrs. Donna Lucas DeLuca, Class of 1957
Mrs. Deborah Horvat DePompei, Class of 1972
Mr. and Mrs. Paul DiPronio
Mrs. Karen Klimko Dominak, Class of 1966
Sr. Bernardine Dominick
Mr. and Mrs. Al and Barb Dottore
Mrs. Patricia Drobik
Dr. Teresa Dunsworth, Class of 1982
Sr. Jean Ehasz, Class of 1951
Mr. and Mrs. Tom English
Mr. Thomas Fornadel, Class of 1980
Ms. Carla Fritsch
Mrs. Andrea Matt Galassi, Class of 1981
Mrs. Georgia Abraham Galicki, Class of 1962
Ms. Patricia Geller, Class of 1968
Mr. and Mrs. Don Godlewski
Mr. and Mrs. Adam and Maggie Godlewski
Mrs. Dolores Synecky Golden, Class of 1964
Mrs. Donna Hargas Gullett, Class of 1968
Ms. Cynthia Zamaria Hicks, Class of 1968
Mrs. Arlene Polak Hottois, Class of 1951
Mr. Joseph Hribar, Jr., Class of 2008
Mrs. Rita Hudec
Mrs. Patricia Gunn Janotka, Class of 1951
Mrs. Lynne Toth Johngrass, Class of 1970
Sr. Rose Karecki, Class of 1955
Mrs. Betty Riha Kastelic, Class of 1955
Mrs. Dawn Mis Keske, Class of 1994
Mrs. Beatrice Suchy Krajnak, Class of 1963
Sr. Dorothy Ann Krolikowski, Class of 1961
Mrs. Lisa Remshik Kuklinski, Class of 1982
Mr. Dan Lepore, Class of 1983
Mrs. Lisa Lucas, Class of 1993
Mrs. Kathleen Clark Mackessy, Class of 1951
Sr. Joan of Arc Majkrzak, Class of 1954
Mr. James Malkowski, Class of 1979
Mrs. Betty Svoboda Maneri, RT, Class of 1947
Mrs. Marjorie Jurewicz Manno, Class of 1970
Mrs. Mary Ann Kavlich Mihalik, Class of 1967
Ms. Joanne Moravec, Class of 1965
Mr. Daniel Mueller, Class of 2008
Mr. Andrew Mueller, Class of 2011
Ms. Marybeth Murphy, Class of 1974
Mrs. Pamela Chessar Murray, Class of 1961
Mrs. Linda Kocevar Nienhaus, Class of 1971
Mrs. Linda Kocevar Nienhaus, Class of 1971
Mr. Christopher Offutt, Class of 1988
Mrs. Jeanette Mroczka Offutt, Class of 1965
Mrs. Cecelia Sobecki O'Linn, Class of 1954
Ms. Mary Ann Orban
Mr. Craig Polman, CPA, Class of 1981
Mrs. Frania Santa
Sr. Marianne Saucier, Class of 1967
Ms. Linda Shaw, Class of 1977
Mrs. Elaine Csoltko Sheridan, Class of 1960
Ms. Susan Sikon
Sister Helen Skok, Class of 1949
Sister Helen Skok, Class of 1949
Mr. Phillip Slanina, Class of 1996
Sr. Joyce Soukup, Class of 1964
Mrs. Karen Wilt Stefanov, Class of 1982
Ms. Dennise Strobl
Mrs. Judith Solpa Sulzer, Class of 1970
Mrs. Therese Zamiska Szabo, Class of 1952
Sr. Louise Szerpicki, SSJ-TOSF, Class of 1951
Ms. Mary Ann Tady, Class of 1953
Ms. Sharon Thompson, Class of 1965
Ms. Tricia Vance, Class of 1982
Ms. Joanna Wankewycz Wallace, Class of 2001
Mrs. Janice Pata Walters, Class of 1970
Sr. M. Virgianne Wantuch, Class of 1948
Mrs. Linda Rose Watson, Class of 1974
Mrs. Mary Gorney Weiss, CPCU, Class of 1966
Mrs. Susan Majkrzak Wilks, Class of 1966
Mrs. Noreen Zemgulis Wiman, Class of 1963
Mrs. Louise Vitale Witt, Class of 1962
Sr. Katherine Wyszynski
Mrs. Carole Mrozinski Zanath, Class of 1958
Mrs. Christine Witkowski Zielinski, Class of 1966
Mrs. Carol Zukowski