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We Are The New Trinity

As we begin 2014, the celebration of our 40th year continues with a view of our school today. Beginning in the 2008-2009 school year, Trinity High School began its transition into a new kind of school to meet the needs of our student population. We are a smaller, unique school offering students out-of-the-classroom internship experiences in the greater Cleveland community.

To help offset the rising costs of a Catholic school education for the families Trinity serves, we have implemented our nationally-recognized Pre-Professional Internship Program in which students in grades 10-12 spend one day per week outside of the classroom at over 80 businesses and organizations learning what it means to be a servant worker and leader. Students work with professional adults learning what the work world is like, exploring possible career choices, and providing service and work at their internship site.

What makes Trinity's program different than a career shadowing experience or vocational program is students choose an internship based on identified career interests. Four internship tracks are available: Marymount Catholic Health Care Program, Graphic Design Program, Information Management and System Design Program, and College and Career Readiness Program. Ninth grade students spend their first year of high school getting ready through an orientation class, Communication for Success, in which they are exposed to business procedures, etiquette, skill practices and more that they will need to be successful in the program. Click here to see a list of this year's Corporate Sponsors and here to read some of the many success stories of our students.

The costs of the program are offset by the generosity of Corporate Sponsors and the gifts of those who wish to underwrite student tuition through Angel Sponsorships. Those who sponsor our students have been pleased with the success of our students within their workplaces and have offered them immeasurable support and learning experiences. With the constant guidance of the founder and leader of the program, Dr. Thomas Maher, and the support staff headed by Mrs. Barb Dottore, Trinity students have taken a step into a new and forward-thinking educational experience. Trinity High School is the only Catholic high school in the United States to offer a program of this sophistication and comprehensiveness.

Enjoy browsing through program information, testimonials and accolades for the program. Consider becoming a Coporate or Angel Sponsor. Contact Mrs. Dottore with your questions or offers to assist in continuing to advance this unique educational program!

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