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October: We Are Family

We Are Family: by Sister Catherine Britton
These three words were the impetus for the creation of Trinity High School 40 years ago. I have been asked many times over the past four decades, "Why did you make Marymount go co-ed? Was it lack of money? Was it a dwindling enrollment? Was it to save the school from closing?" The answer to all three questions is a resounding "No!"

It was the era of the Catholic, single sex schools which usually courted and accepted the very best students. There was no guarantee that a family could depend on every one of their children having the equal opportunity to graduate from the same Catholic high school.

I had an overwhelming feeling that there were needs to be met in the southeast section of Cleveland that the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis had the capacity to fulfill in the founding of a Catholic, co-educational school open to all families.

In 1973, the die was cast and, against all odds, Trinity High School opened. During the next several years, the school flourished as enrollment reached an all-time high of 985 in the mid-80s. Academic excellence was the all-pervading goal for all students as programs were developed to meet the needs of every level of student. YOU, as a Trinity graduate, were the recipient of this wonderful new venture.

While tuition was much less during your time than it is today to attend a Catholic high school, it was probably just as difficult then as it is today to afford that tuition. "Back in the day" tuition was subsidized by BINGO and all of you benefited by that extra income. At the present time, we continue to struggle to find ways to assist today's families to help send their children to Trinity.

As the founding principal of Trinity, I am taking another leap of faith, much like the one I took 40 years ago. I am asking you to join with me during this anniversary year to help raise $100,000 from our former students for the needs of today's students.

To this end, I am personally pledging $4,000 in honor of the 40 years of excellence that Trinity High School has given to you, to me, and to the community of northeast Ohio. Since I cannot do this all at one time, I have pledged $200 per month for the next two years. I hope you will find a way to do the same, or maybe something even greater.

If you are willing and able to help me achieve this goal for Trinity High School, you can send your contributions directly to me at:

Trinity High School
c/o Sister Catherine Britton
12425 Granger Road
Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125

You can also pay and pledge online by clicking here.

I hope you will join with me in showing that "We Are Family" is, and has always been, more than just a slogan at Trinity!

Sister Catherine Britton
Founding Principal

Legacy Families
During our anniversary celebration, we recognize families who have been with Trinity since the beginning. You are sure to see familiar faces as we post photos and information about some of the families whose children span the Marymount-Trinity years. Click below to learn more about these families and to view a gallery of current students whose parent(s) attended Trinity!