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An Invitation to Celebration and Remembering
Sr. Shawn Lee, President of Trinity High School

In the Christian tradition, one of the names by which we know God is Trinity, i.e., a three-person personification of the attributes of the one Divine Being. This triune representation of the Divine was beautifully rendered by Andre Rublev, an artist who lived in the Middle Ages. Though the title of Rublev's painting was the Old Testament Trinity, as one meditates on the icon, it is a natural transition to the New Testament understanding of the Trinity. The three persons of the Trinity are seated at a table at which there seems to be an open space wherein the human guest is invited to join the Godhead.

As we begin Trinity High School's 40th year this month, I invite each of you in the Trinity family to join the Triune God at the table as the invited guest. Come and remember the history of this wonderful place and reflect on that part of Trinity's history in which you were/are more closely involved.

As you come to the table, feel free to share your memories and to add your wisdom to our ongoing reminiscing.

Use the links to the left to navigate through our "Cyber Celebration." This area of our website will be updated each month to reflect the themes found on the "Calendar of Events" page. We hope you enjoy reconnecting with Trinity and taking a trip down memory lane!