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Some students getting the chance to "think it over"

Published on March 10, 2017

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This weekend will be a bit different for students in one of Trinity's popular elective classes. When it comes to being a parent, some juniors and seniors are getting the chance to "think it over." These students, enrolled in Mrs. Nancy Waler's Kids, Cooking, and Celebrations class, are participating in a multi-day parenting simulation using computerized Baby Think It Over™ dolls.

While the parenting simulation is novel and interesting, it is also an extremely serious learning activity designed to demonstrate the challenges and demands of parenthood. The dolls often cry at random times throughout the day. When a doll cries, its adoptive "parent" must give it the required attention and care.

Twenty of the Baby Think It Over™ dolls were purchased by the Family and Consumer Sciences Department through a generous grant from the Alice and Patrick McGinty Foundation.

Back row: Juniors Haylie Boodjeh and Amber Bell, senior Kaitlyn McIntyre, and junior Julia Croasmun. Front row: Senior Ashley Atherton, junior Halle Frimel, and seniors Halle Krisinski and Reilly Daniels.