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Students get first-hand look at local print shop

Published on February 25, 2017

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Seniors in Trinity's Graphic Design Capstone class, a new class in the Graphic Design Internship Program, recently visited Northern Ohio Printing for a first-hand look at what happens to their digital creations after they are approved for production.

During their visit, the students went on a tour of the shop, learned about different types of printing presses and finishing equipment, met with the art director and a graphic designer, and were exposed to all of the departments in the business, from graphic design to printing and production. They even spent time with the company's president, Mr. Gary Chmielewski, learning about the business aspect of starting and managing a print shop.

Having already caught the entrepreneurial spirit, senior Javon Miller found the visit to be particularly inspiring.

"Seeing how I would like to have a career in advertising and entrepreneurship, it was inspiring for me to see a printing company's role in producing materials for various companies and organizations," he said. "It was also interesting to see the connection of graphic design and printing in a real-world setting."

The Graphic Design Capstone class serves as a culmination of everything the seniors have learned throughout their time in the Graphic Design Internship Program. They are spending the semester creating their very own campaign display from the logo to a brand being used in various promotional materials. The visit to Northern Ohio Printing served as a source of inspiration for the seniors to see the kinds of options open to them when working with a full-service print shop. Mr. Chmielewski generously offered to print materials for the seniors' projects.

The Capstone class projects will be on display for the school community later this spring.