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Thank You to This Year's Donors
We are grateful to all of our alumni and friends listed below who have donated to our 2016 Annual Appeal.

View the list of donors who have given to the Sr. Mary Illuminata Godlewski Scholarship Fund.

Gifts of $5,000 or more

Be the first to give at this level.

Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999

Mr. Mark DelPrincipe, Class of 1983

Gifts of $500 to $999

Mrs. Theresa Henn Day, Class of 1994
Mr. and Mrs. William Watkins

Gifts of $250 to $499

Mr. Shawn Gerlock, Class of 1989
Mr. Dan Luciano, on behalf of Luciano Family Foundation

Gifts of $100 to $249

Mr. Clifford Ainsworth, Class of 1987
Ms. Louise Belock, Class of 1962
Knights of Columbus #14406, on behalf of c/o Church of the Assumption, in memory of John F. Barker, Jr.
Mrs. Carol Tima Crosby, Class of 1966
Ms. Susan Czech, Class of 1970
Mr. and Mrs. John Giangrande
Randy & Kathleen Jarzab
Mrs. Carolynn Meitzke Jester, Class of 1969
Mrs. Susan Kilroy
Michelle Krieger, on behalf of Marymount Child Care Center
Ms. Marcia Kuhlenschmidt
Ms. Dorothy Lettus, Class of 1972
Sr. Dian Majsterek, Class of 1955
Ms. Maxine Milosovich, Class of 1967
Sr. Jeanne Noel Novak
Mrs. Mary Schajatovic Ozimek, Class of 1961
Mrs. Laura Smith Redmond, Class of 1991
Mrs. Gina Santangelo Riser, Class of 1981
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sadar
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Diana Sheppard
Mrs. Elaine Csoltko Sheridan, Class of 1960
Ms. Rosemary Toth, Class of 1948
Ms. Tricia Vance, Class of 1982
Mrs. Margaret Sever Villari, Class of 1986

Gifts of $1 to $99

Mrs. Betty Bayus Bower, Class of 1961
Mr. Robert Brady, Jr., Class of 1983
Mrs. Ann Zamaria Carbone, Class of 1967
Sr. Alice Chmura, Class of 1947
Mrs. Alycia Pfundstein Cohara, Class of 1986
Mrs. Virginia Tankovich Connelly, Class of 1962
Mrs. Diane Cherney Coury, Class of 1977
Mrs. JoAnn Bronczek Davis, Class of 1958
Orlanda DeFiore
Mrs. Donna Solinski DePalma, Class of 1985
Sr. Jean Ehasz, Class of 1951
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas English
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fatica, on behalf of c/o Primo Vino Restaurant, in honor of John Barker Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Faustina
Mrs. Francine Czerwony Fraundorf, Class of 1970
Ms. Carla Fritsch
Mrs. Dolores Strauss Glaser, Class of 1949
Mrs. Dolores Synecky Golden, Class of 1964
Mrs. Janet Grabowski Grabowski Samko, Class of 1984
Dr. Lynne Grether Grether-Coleman, Class of 1968
Mrs. Rosemary Kosak Gulick, Class of 1959
Sr. Elizabeth Gulick, Class of 1960
Mrs. Donna Hargas Gullett, Class of 1968
Mrs. Patricia Gunn Janotka, Class of 1951
Mrs. Lynne Toth Johngrass, Class of 1970
Sr. Rose Karecki, Class of 1955
Mrs. Betty Riha Kastelic, Class of 1955
Mrs. Kelly Safko Ketring, Class of 1979
Miss Patricia Kuczmarski, Class of 1959
Mr. Robert Laboda
Ms. Judith Lasecki, Class of 1992
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lewandowski
Deborah A. Liedtke
Mr. James Malkowski, Class of 1979
Sister Felicia Mantkowski Mann, Class of 1949
Mrs. Gina Marino
Mr. and Mrs. David Marunowski
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Misischia
Mrs. Angela Turner Monateri, Class of 1996
Mrs. Kathleen Soler Moravick, Class of 1960
Mrs. Genevieve Sierpin Mosinski, Class of 1947
Mrs. Pamela Chessar Murray, Class of 1961
Mrs. Rosemary Verhovitz Nowinski, Class of 1963
Mr. Frank Oblak
Mrs. Jeanette Mroczka Offutt, Class of 1965
Sr. Mary Raymond
Mrs. Carol Mzik Ross, Class of 1960
Mrs. Frances Patrick Sabine, Class of 1950
Sr. Sandra Sabo, SSJ-TOSF, Class of 1962
Sr. Marianne Saucier, Class of 1967
Mrs. Linda Beran Schmidt, Class of 1963
Ms. Linda Shaw, Class of 1977
Mrs. Eleanore Dembowski Sonich, Class of 1942
Mrs. Carol Sever Span, Class of 1962
Ms. Susan Sposit
Mrs. Theresa Struzynski Stolla, Class of 1955
Mrs. Dorothy Brichacek Svoboda, Class of 1956
Mrs. Charlene Chorba Terlep, Class of 1961
Ms. Sharon Thompson, Class of 1965
Mrs. Eleanor Teleky Van Duyne, Class of 1958
Ms. Susan Weber
Mr. Matthew Welich, Class of 2005, in honor of Mr. Scott Hayes
Sr. Donna Marie Wilhelm
Mrs. Susan Majkrzak Wilks, Class of 1966
Mrs. Eleanore Suchy Zavodny, Class of 1945