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Tell your friends and classmates about Trinity's 40th Anniversary!


Thank You to Our Donors
We are grateful to all of our alumni and friends listed below who have helped us launch the first phase of our 40th Anniversary campaign. Click here to learn how you can submit your gift and become part of this community effort!

Gifts of $5,000 or more

The Kurtz Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Al and Toni Newyear

Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999

Sr. Catherine Britton
Dr. Andrea DeLaat Deis, Class of 1983
Mrs. Patricia Pozderac Dunlea, Class of 1974
Mrs. Carol Sutula Gedeon, Class of 1974
Sr. Shawn Lee, Class of 1962
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Maher
Mr. Don Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Watkins
Sisters of St. Joseph, TOSF

Gifts of $500 to $999

Mr. Mark DelPrincipe, Class of 1983
Mrs. Susan Nowak Dudek, Class of 1972
Mrs. James Kilroy, in memory of James D. Kilroy
Mrs. Dolores Kurtz, in honor of Sr. Catherine Britton
Mrs. Patricia Sutula La Fontaine, Class of 1979
Mr. Joseph Lewandowski, Class of 1994
Luciano Family Foundation
Sr. Jeanne Noel Novak

Gifts of $250 to $499

Mrs. Marilyn Sutula Costello, Class of 1968
Mr. and Mrs. Allen and Cynthia Haire
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Kovacs
Mr. Gregory Kurtz
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Diane LoPiccolo, Classes of 1981 and 1983
Mrs. Linda Nicklos Reid, Class of 1979, in memory of Joseph and Joanne Nickols
Ms. Mary Hartman Shull, Class of 1970
Mr. Dan Thomeier, in honor of Sr. Illuminata Godlewski
The Rebate Group, in memory of James J. Thompson '81 and Lyman H. Thompson
Mrs. Susan Bednarski Vanatta, Class of 1968, in honor of the Class of 1968
Ms. Tricia Vance, Class of 1982

Gifts of $100 to $249

Mrs. Lenore Chegin Ball, Class of 1967, in memory of Lillian Chegin
Mr. Andrew Boksansky, Class of 2004, in memory of John Chinchar
Mr. and Mrs. William Britton
Mrs. Noreen Slezak Butano, Class of 1961, in memory of Marjorie Slezak-Couch '52 and Laverne Slezak Brinkhoff '57
Ms. Rose Calvey
Mr. Michael Costanzo, Class of 1989
Mrs. Carol Tima Crosby, Class of 1966
Mrs. Deborah Kazimour Fantauzzo, Class of 1985
Mrs. RaeAnn Nesky Farrow, Class of 1981
Mrs. Bernadette Bryll Fazio, Class of 1965
Ms. Dolores Glivar, Class of 1955, in memory of Parents: Joseph and Catherine
Sr. Illuminata Godlewski, Class of 1933
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Goroncy-Sheppard
Ms. Susan Gregg, Class of 1978, in memory of Adam and Stella Gregg
Mr. Jeff Haire, Class of 1980
Mrs. Irene Polak Heppler, Class of 1945
Mrs. Kathleen Wiegand Jarzab, Class of 1978
Mrs. Eileen Baltitas Jex, Class of 1962, in memory of John Jex
Ms. Carol Kenney, in honor of Dr. Tom Maher & Sr. Shawn Lee
Ms. Theresa Kobak, Class of 1962, in honor of All the great Sister-educators I had at Marymount High School
Mrs. Kathleen Litherland Lawler, Class of 1985
Ms. Judith Lemanski
Mr. Robert Lucarelli, Class of 1978
Mrs. Nancy Wiegand Lyon, Class of 1980
Mrs. Elsa Busetto Mahnic, Class of 1964
Mrs. Mary Ann Vargo Morscher, Class of 1958
Mrs. Ann Meyers Murray, Class of 1970, in memory of Barbara Berdysz '50
Ms. Amy Milan Nelson, Class of 1967
Mrs. Linda Kocevar Nienhaus, Class of 1971
Mr. Patrick Obermayer, Jr., Class of 2002
Mrs. Rose Marie Magyar Oblak, Class of 1957, in memory of deceased members of the Class of '57
Mrs. Deborah Bremenour Perciak, Class of 1969
Mr. Michael Pezo, Class of 2001
Mrs. Phyllis Fox Price, Class of 1963
Mrs. Priscilla Csokmay Prizzi, Class of 1950, in memory of Marie Csokmay
Mr. Michael Prucha, Class of 1996
Mrs. Allison Chrusciel Prucha, Class of 1996
Sr. Mary Raymond
Mrs. Shirley SanFilippo, in memory of Gerry Severns
Sr. Marianne Saucier, Class of 1967
Mrs. Kristine Sayre
Mrs. Anne Marie Robatin Scaparotti, Class of 1982
Mrs. Cheryl Berridge Shemenski, Class of 1988
Mr. Phillip Slanina, Class of 1996
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smetana
Ms. Katherine Smetana, Class of 2004
Mr. and Mrs. Felix and Clare Spittler, in honor of Sr. Catherine Britton
Ms. Ann Marie Hricko Steiner, Class of 1994, in memory of Anita Hricko
Mrs. Jennifer Pavlick Swank, Class of 1990
Mr. Kevin Thompson, Class of 1983
Mrs. Dorothy Golembiewski Tomsic, Class of 1961
Mrs. Tracy Wygonski Tooman, Class of 1988
Mrs. Margaret Sever Villari, Class of 1986, in memory of Ruth Villari
Ms. Carol Kosmalski Wargo, Class of 1981
Ms. Whitney Watkins, Class of 2009
Mr. Ian Wentzlaff, Class of 2013
Ms. Lt. Robin Roch Williams, Class of 1988
Mr. Gene Wodzisz, in memory of Joan Wodzisz
Sr. MaryLou Wojtusik, Class of 1954
Sr. MaryLou Wojtusik, Class of 1954
Sr. Francis Therese Woznicki, Class of 1949
Mrs. Judith Cerveny Young, Class of 1968, in memory of Robert & Ethel Cerveny
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zuchowski

Gifts of $1 to $99

Mrs. Karen Sciko Alfred, Class of 1969, in memory of Regina Sciko
Sr. Laurentine Andreasik, Class of 1947
Mr. Michael Balis, Class of 2004
Ms. Nancy Barile
Mrs. Susan Takacs Baron, Class of 1970, in memory of Marian Takacs '66
Mrs. Diane Pelcin Barrett, Class of 1959, in memory of Sr. Claudia
Ms. Ursula Ptak Bartosik, Class of 1966
Sister Eunice (Ludvina) Beaudin, Class of 1949, in memory of Jacqueline Trendell
Mr. Tom Binkowski, Class of 1977
Mrs. Carolyn Pekarek Blum, Class of 1959
Mrs. Carolyn Pekarek Blum, Class of 1959, in memory of James Kilroy
Martin and Carolyn Blum Pekarek, in memory of Virginia Bindokas
Ms. Patricia Bonk, Class of 1977
Ms. Patricia Bonk, Class of 1977
Mr. Edward Borowy, Class of 2004
Mrs. Betty Bayus Bower, Class of 1961
Mr. Robert Brady, Jr., Class of 1983
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Burke
Sr. Joan Butkiewicz, Class of 1951, in memory of the Butkiewicz Family
Mrs. Deborah Pataki Calvey, Class of 1973
Mrs. Ann Zamaria Carbone, Class of 1967
Sr. Alice Chmura, Class of 1947
Mr. Troy Clark, Class of 2008, in honor of Nancy Barile
Mrs. Alice Bolek Cotter, Class of 1953, in memory of Rita Ann Thoth '53
Ms. Janet Cubar, Class of 1967
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Daniels, in honor of Reilly Daniels
Mrs. Arleen D'Annunzio, Class of 1968
Mrs. Jo Anne Jacko Darr, Class of 1975
Mrs. Theresa Henn Day, Class of 1994, in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Zelkasko
Mrs. Donna Lucas DeLuca, Class of 1957
Mrs. Cynthia Polgar DeStefanis, Class of 1970
Ms. Robin Mis Dever, Class of 1995
Mrs. Barbara Malatin DiPietro, Class of 1965
Mr. & Mrs. Paul DiPronio, in memory of Chester DiPronio
Mr. and Mrs. Al and Barb Dottore, in honor of Sr. Shawn Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Al and Barb Dottore, in honor of Mr. Bill Svoboda '81
Mrs. Patricia Drobik
Sr. Jean Ehasz, Class of 1951
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas English
Mrs. Marcella Wintour Eppele, Class of 1948, in memory of Sue Spishak
Mrs. Josephine Palmeri Faba, Class of 1981
Ms. Patricia Factor, Class of 1946
Ms. Deirdre Zieminski Faranda, Class of 1993
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Faustina
Mrs. June Baracz Feldtz, Class of 1958
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Michele Ferrara, in honor of Sr. Catherine Britton
Mrs. Francine Czerwony Fraundorf, Class of 1970
Ms. Carla Fritsch
Mr. Stephen Fuhry, Class of 1980
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Furmanek, in memory of Jeanne Dottore
Mr. Michael Gilles, Class of 1981
Mrs. Dolores Strauss Glaser, Class of 1949, in memory of Sr. Mary Paschal
Family of Wanda Golias
Dr. Lynne Grether, Class of 1968
Sr. Elizabeth Gulick, Class of 1960
Mrs. Donna Hargas Gullett, Class of 1968
Mrs. Pamela Pozderac Hager, Class of 1976
Mr. and Mrs. James Hawersaat
Mrs. Crystal McDaniel Heffernan, Class of 1993
Ms. Kim Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hribar, in honor of Joseph Hribar, Jr. '08
Mrs. Angela Jackson Jones, Class of 1994, in memory of Eunice Jackson
Christopher & Eileen Kane
Mrs. Betty Riha Kastelic, Class of 1955, in memory of Mr. & Mrs. James F. Riha
Mrs. Dawn Mis Keske, Class of 1994
Mrs. Kelly Safko Ketring, Class of 1979
Mr. Patrick Klimkewicz, Class of 2004
Sr. Maria Goretti Kondziolka, Class of 1953
Ms. Nicole Kontur, Class of 2012
Mrs. Barbara Papa Konyvka, Class of 1961, in memory of John Papa
Mr. John Karl Kook, Class of 1982
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kovach
Mrs. Elaine Mark Koves, Class of 1960, in memory of Angela Zubek
Sr. Dorothy Ann Krolikowski, Class of 1961, in memory of Jean & Chester Krolikowski
Ms. Carol Krolikowski, Class of 1960
Ms. Patricia Kuczmarski, Class of 1959
Ms. Marcia Kuhlenschmidt
Mr. Leonard Kuilder, Class of 2005
Mrs. Lisa Remshik Kuklinski, Class of 1982
Mrs. Lisa Remshik Kuklinski, Class of 1982
Ms. Michelle Kuskin, Class of 1979, in memory of Terrence Kuskin
Mrs. Domitilla Korpan Langdon, Class of 1943
Ms. Judith Lasecki, Class of 1992
Mr. Patrick Lavelle, Class of 1995
Ms. Lila Evans Lehrer, Class of 1965
Ms. Dorothy Lettus, Class of 1972, in memory of Kathryn Lettus Malone
Mrs. Ellen Swenton Lewis, Class of 1985
Mrs. Lisa Lucas, Class of 1993
Mrs. Patricia Nowicki Ludwig, Class of 1955, in memory of Sr. Claudia, SSJ-TOSF
Mrs. Kathleen Clark Mackessy, Class of 1951, in honor of Sr. Mary Illuminata
Mrs. Constance Pokorski Madej, Class of 1979, in memory of Claire A. Pokorski
Mrs. Josephine Dusek Magyar, Class of 1951
Sr. Joan of Arc Majkrzak, Class of 1954, in memory of Sr. Lucine
Sr. Dian Majsterek, Class of 1955
Mr. James Malkowski, Class of 1979
Mrs. Charmaine Toth Mandula, Class of 1953
Ms. Lisa Zmarzly Manns, Class of 1982, in honor of Sr. Catherine Britton
Mr. Richard Mates, Class of 1978
Mrs. Regina Tabaj Mauser, Class of 1947, in honor of the Mauser Family
Ms. Dorothy Smiley May, Class of 1947, in memory of Maureen Ellen May
Mrs. Elizabeth Kneblewicz Mazer, Class of 1945
Mrs. Madeline Krakowski Mennell, Class of 1961, in memory of Clara Adamczyk Krakowski
Mrs. Mary Ann Kavlich Mihalik, Class of 1967
Mrs. Debbie Wiegand Miller, Class of 1981, in honor of Jim Thompson '81
Mrs. Mary Warren Miller, Class of 1990
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Misischia
Mrs. Kathleen Soler Moravick, Class of 1960, in memory of Deborah A. Soler
Mrs. Genevieve Sierpin Mosinski, Class of 1947
Mrs. Pamela Chessar Murray, Class of 1961
Ms. Alexandria Natal, Class of 2008
Mrs. Phyllis Abramowski Nemetz, Class of 1954
Mr. Christopher Offutt, Class of 1988
Mrs. Cecelia Sobecki O'Linn, Class of 1954
Mrs. Regina Lorkowski Page, Class of 1952
Mrs. Marylyn Zassick Palko, Class of 1956
Ms. Nadine Pekarek, Class of 1962, in memory of John and Eleanor Pekarek
Ms. Nadine Pekarek, Class of 1962, in memory of Virginia "Mama B" Bindokas
Ms. Nadine Pekarek, Class of 1962, in memory of James Kilroy
Mrs. Jean Linowski Pelton, Class of 1961
Mr. Mark Pidala, Class of 1982
Mr. Mark Pidala, Class of 1982
Mrs. Paulette Duganier Pidala, Class of 1982
Ms. Lottie Pilat, Class of 1942, in memory of Sr. Genevieve Pilat
Mr. Craig Polman, CPA, Class of 1981
Mrs. Anita Pusz Poole, PNP, Class of 1967, in memory of Genevieve & Joseph Pusz
Mrs. Anita Pusz Poole, PNP, Class of 1967, in honor of Donna Pusz Kaminski '60
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Potla, in honor of Laurel Potla '01
Ms. Adrienne Pounds, Class of 1991
Mr. Chad Radke, Class of 2010
Mr. Chad Radke, Class of 2010
Mrs. Dorothy Kane Rini, Class of 1968
Mrs. Dolores Skrabec Roshetko, Class of 1949
Mrs. Carol Mzik Ross, Class of 1960
Sr. Sandra Sabo, SSJ-TOSF, Class of 1962, in memory of Alex & Alberta Sabo
Mrs. Shirley SanFilippo, in memory of Ross SanFilippo
Ms. Julie Sanguedolce, Class of 1994
Mrs. Patricia Brearey Sharpnack, Class of 1974, in memory of Chester and Ruth Brearey
Ms. Linda Shaw, Class of 1977, in memory of Owen B. and Threse L. Shaw
Mrs. Elaine Csoltko Sheridan, Class of 1960
Ms. Susan Sikon, in honor of the Sikon Family
Sister Helen Skok, Class of 1949, in memory of Sr. Clarissa Tomasek, SSJ-TOSF
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slanina
Ms. Angelica Sogor, Class of 2007
Mrs. Eleanore Dembowski Sonich, Class of 1942
Mrs. Carol Sever Span, Class of 1962, in memory of Bernadine Sever Potkay
Ms. Karen Stasick, Class of 1987
Mr. Steven Stasick, Class of 1988
Mrs. Karen Wilt Stefanov, Class of 1982
Mrs. Anne Warner Stevens, Class of 1966, in memory of Red A. Stevens and Linda Stolarski Mack '66
Mrs. Emily Fagan Straffen, Class of 2006, in honor of Dan and Margie Fagan
Mrs. Dorothy Brichacek Svoboda, Class of 1956
Sr. Louise Szerpicki, SSJ-TOSF, Class of 1951
Mrs. Rosemary Baksi Taylor, Class of 1963
Mrs. Paula Wetzel Thompson, Class of 1990
Ms. Sharon Thompson, Class of 1965
Ms. Judy Trem
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Chris Tripodi
Mrs. Bernice Mucha Ursich, Class of 1947
Mrs. Mary Ann Timko Vasko, Class of 1957
Mrs. Kathleen Krajczynski Vecchio, Class of 1971
Mr. Thomas Walsh, Class of 1979
Mrs. Janice Pata Walters, Class of 1970
Mrs. Linda Rose Watson, Class of 1974
Callie Weber, Class of 2017
Mrs. Laura Sarnecki Wells, Class of 1955
Mrs. Donna Mandula Westfall, Class of 1983
Mr. John Wiegand, Class of 1977
Sr. Donna Marie Wilhelm, in honor of Sr. Shawn Lee
Mrs. Susan Majkrzak Wilks, Class of 1966, in memory of Suzanne & Albert Majkrzak
Mrs. Linda Wojkowski Williams, Class of 1966, in memory of Beverly Jarosz
Mrs. Kathleen Kalo Wilson, Class of 1967
Mrs. Louise Vitale Witt, Class of 1962
Mrs. Barbara Steffner Youmell, Class of 1957